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Essentials Natural Health Guide - Paperback

Essentials Natural Health Guide - Paperback

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Natural Medicines offer many simple, effective answers to your health concerns, whether at home or when traveling. Especially when away from home, having knowledge at your fingertips on how to look after yourself - and friends and family - is important. This book is designed to empower you with information for many commonly found health conditions. 

Essentials Natural Health Guide gives important information on how to use homeopathic and herbal medicines for many health conditions at home and when traveling. It gives information on remedies for both simple and complex conditions, from injuries to jet lag, diarrhea to dehydration, typhoid to bites, burns to poison ivy, miscarriage to appendicitis, diaper rash to shingles, and much more, including tropical diseases. 

Meet your health challenges with Essential Natural Health Guide. Restore your health naturally. 

RICHARD PITT has practiced homeopathy for over 30 years, initially in the U.K. and then the United States. He was director of a homeopathy school in San Francisco for 12 years and taught homeopathy throughout the country. He has written a book on the homeopathic study of tobacco and is editor of an online homeopathic journal. He has also spent years traveling the world and worked on a number of homeopathic projects in Africa.







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