Facing the Beast: Courage Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age – Naomi Wolf


From New York Times bestselling author Naomi Wolf Facing the Beast is a devastating detailed account of wrongthink deplatforming and an unexpected political personal and spiritual transformation that followed during one of the most divisive times in American history.

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In this uncompromising investigation into today s most urgent issues Naomi Wolf uses her own wildly politicized pilgrimage–from New York Times bestselling author and high-level Democratic consultant to a journalist cast out from the elite political and social circles she once moved through–as a stunning narrative framework that is both chilling and incisive.

Wolf s sin? Doing the job that good journalists once prided themselves on: asking questions challenging authority and during one of the most politically divisive moments in modern history exposing the many failures of the public health response during the COVID-19 pandemic by chronicling the dangerous descent of our democracy into tyranny censorship and totalitarianism.

Unable to remain silent in the shadows and unwilling to collude with the mainstream Wolf bravely covers topics that few other writers dare to address critically for fear of being deplatformed. Facing the Beast explores reproductive rights medical freedom the uncurious thought-policing of the progressive left the Second Amendment the criminal relationship between the FDA and Pfizer–Wolf s clear writing repeatedly shines light in the dark corners of our fractured society. A decades-long champion of free speech freedom of the press and the Constitution Wolf found herself not only in the midst of a political rebirth but a spiritual transformation as well–one in which the events of the day could only be described in terms of good evil and a metaphysical quest on the nature of reality.

For readers of Matt Taibbi Glenn Greenwald and Bari Weiss Facing the Beast is a fearless indictment of legacy media and the political class as well as a brutal reminder that searching for and defending the truth can be dangerous. Naomi Wolf is one of the bravest clearest-thinking people I know. The reason you hear the forces of repression so desperately trying to dismiss her is because she is right. –Tucker Carlson.

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