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  • EMF Protection

    Anti-Radiation Earphones

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    These innovative anti-radiation earphones from iBrain are a fantastic option for people who value superior sound quality and healthier technology.

    The air tubes and EMF-blocking advanced copper wiring in their design mean that the sound is delivered to the ear through sound waves in the air as opposed to wires in traditional earphones, which massively reduces the EMFs travelling through the earphones to the ear.

    Colour: black

  • EMF Protection

    Anti-Radiation Headphones

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    The iBrain Anti-Radiation AirTube Headphones are made with your health and listening pleasure in mind.

    Unlike conventional headphones, their innovative design reduces head exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic fields through copper (EMF blocking) wires and by transmitting sound waves through air.

  • EMF Protection

    Anti-Radiation Phone Pouch – BlocSock X Large

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    The BlocSock Phone Pouch is an effective tool for shielding from smartphone radiation, reducing Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by 96% and providing protection against electromagnetic fields.

    The pouch has shielding on one side only* – this is the side that should be positioned between your body and your phone screen (as per instructions), whether you’re carrying the phone on you or holding it to your head. The unshielded side enables the phone to work as usual.

    Size: 17 x 10 cm

    * Please note that these are NOT Faraday cases for phones which cut out the signal. The BlocSocks are designed to protect the user, while allowing the phone to function normally.

  • Clothing

    EMF Protection Beanie – WCH

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    Protect your head from electromagnetic radiation in your environment by wearing this EMF-shielding beanie.

    While it looks like a regular beanie, it comes with an inner lining made of silver-woven EMF-blocking fabric.

    One size.

  • EMF Protection

    WCH Faraday Backpack

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    This dual-purpose backpack is lined with EMF-blocking fabric, so when you’re out and about, you can protect yourself from the EMFs created by your devices while keeping your data safe from thieves. For peace of mind, put your phone, laptop/tablet, car keys, and bank cards inside the Faraday backpack and tighten the drawstring.

  • EMF Protection

    WCH Faraday Tote Bag

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    Protect yourself from the EMFs emitted by your devices while protecting your data from thieves when out and about with this dual-purpose RFID-shielding bag. Simply place your laptop, phone, or tablet inside the bag (which is lined with EMF-blocking fabric) and zip it up for peace of mind.

  • EMF Protection

    Y-Fry Radiation Protection Router Bag

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    Quickly and easily reduce your exposure to the radiation emitted by your WiFi router while retaining WiFi access with this router protection bag.

    Simply place your router inside the bag and pull the drawstring closed. If you find your access is too weak, you can open the drawstring enough to allow a stronger signal.

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