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This dual-purpose backpack is lined with EMF-blocking fabric, so when you’re out and about, you can protect yourself from the EMFs created by your devices while keeping your data safe from thieves. For peace of mind, put your phone, laptop/tablet, car keys, and bank cards inside the Faraday backpack and tighten the drawstring.

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While this appears to be a regular black backpack with the World Council for Health logo, its hidden super-power comes from the silver-woven fabric inner lining. Why not try our WCH Faraday Backpack to keep you and your data protected.

Please note:

  1. It is recommended you put your phone on airplane mode when it is inside the backpack (for more information, see video in point below)
  2. You cannot use your phone to test the effectiveness of the shielding — for more info, please see this video

These backpacks can be washed at a cool temperature by hand. However, to maintain maximum effectiveness of the inner shielding lining, we recommend only doing so when really necessary.

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WCH Faraday BackpackWCH Faraday Backpack
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