Brain Fog – A True Story of Hope and Recovery by N. J. Robinson


As a busy, working mum, Nic Robinson always considered herself healthy – until Covid struck. As a panicked country goes into its first lockdown, she heads into the spare room to begin what will turn out to be the fight of her life.

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Brain Fog – A True Story of Hope and Recovery

The acute illness is the trigger for what becomes a catastrophic collection of symptoms. No doctor seems to know how to treat it, forcing Nic to look elsewhere for answers. Confined to a wheelchair and gripped with pain, her search sets her on a path of discovery that turns her world upside down and transforms her life forever.

This honest, gripping memoir captures the reality of living with a chronic disease, and offers a clear message: that recovery is possible.


Inspiring & captivating read for anyone is at their wits end with our current ‘healthcare system’

Could not put this book down.

Wow, what an incredible story of strength and resilience when all hope was lost with numerous medics along the way.

This is a story of someone who had no choice but to find new avenues of a better way to health, learning all about the body and how it has the capability of healing itself given the chance and the right tools.

If this doesn’t make you want to question our ‘healthcare’ system, I don’t know what will. Our ‘experts’ clearly have no idea how the body works, they only seem to know how to write prescriptions for the business that funds the universities that taught them their ‘expertise’

An incredible story, written by an incredible woman, this book will give you the hope and strength to overcome anything. There is a better way.

Lucy Richards

A page turner!

I couldn’t put ‘Brain Fog’ down! The writing is so fluid, which makes it a very easy read. I was on the edge of my seat willing for her pain to stop, for her to find some relief.

The book has the perfect balance of personal and informative. It’s an emotional family story and yet full of helpful tools and info for healing.

I found it Incredibly inspiring, evidence of what humans are capable of – proof of our innate healing abilities.

She has a beautiful use of words, she’s poetic and her vivid imagery evokes strong positive and negative moments.

Luna G

A must read!

This book is beautifully written, heartfelt, intelligent, accessible and engaging.

If you, or someone you know is suffering with a long term health condition (that’s most of us at some point), please read this.

It’s a story of building self efficacy & hope… and overcoming real despair. I loved it.


Fluid Writing and Informative

I came across this little book locally and, seeming to know so many people suffering with unexplained symptoms since Covid, bought some copies to send to friends.

I found it well-written and the real, genuine experience of the writer flowed across the pages. Perhaps surprisingly, there were welcome moments of humour and I was moved by how it seemed that her awful experience and being so dependent on others had the silver lining of drawing her family closer.

I read it twice immediately, wanting to learn about all the different treatments and paths she followed and think it could be of real help and provide optimism for those struggling to obtain recognition in traditional medicine for such debilitating symptoms.

One size definitely does not fit all and this book shows the value of persisting to find and individual path to wellness. Inspiring.

Vivienne Wallace
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