The Mole and the Mountain by Jane Gunn


A little book about finding freedom…

We live in stormy times and this book uses The Storm as a metaphor for change and challenge that is ever present.

Do you embrace the opportunity and step out on a new journey to discover freedom or remain in the darkness?

Maurice the Mole represents the hopes and fears that each of us face on our journey through life as he negotiates “The Murky Swamp of Reality” and the “Bridge of Courage” and comes face to face with the “Dragon of Doubt”.

This book is written for seekers and adventurers of all ages.

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In this little book, you’ll discover:

  • How to deal with change that snatches us out of our comfort zone
  • How to overcome the fear that stops us following our dreams
  • How to create a clear vision of the future and belief that we can make it
  • How no one is coming to save us and we must dig deep when we are stuck
  • How to stay on track and never give up despite the obstacles and setbacks
  • How hardship and pain is part of the journey and path to triumph
  • How in the end it is up to us to decide and no one can take the journey for us!


Magical and brilliant! I have read The Mole and The Mountain – and loved it all. It is a wonderful parable about life, and I think is applicable whatever age you are. We should all read it every day before breakfast! Abbie Enock – Founder and Chairman Capture Ltd

What an amazing story you have written; a philosophical tale which very cleverly provokes thought and a whole array of underlying messages. I was totally swept away by the bravery of little Maurice and how he ‘dug deep’ which brought him a whole new outlook on life. When I got to the end, I was really quite moved, if not a little tearful, as the venture Maurice endured encompasses many of the struggles and debates which we all come across in different ways.  Elaine Howell

As cross between the ancient ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress and the modern ‘The Mole, The Fox, The Horse and The Boy’, this story contains the wisdom we need to appreciate the journey we’re on….’   Dr Rachel Morris – Specialist in Resilience at Work, Former GP, Host of the ‘You Are Not A Frog’ podcast

The Mole and The Mountain is a simple story that reminds us that strength and wisdom are gained from the decision to be courageous in the face of adversity. Beautifully written and illustrated, it is nicely accessible version of “The Hero’s Journey, ” that challenging (and rewarding) path each of us is beckoned to take throughout life. Jane Gunn has created this little, easy-to-read book so that adults and children alike can be inspired to be their best selves, live their best life, and make a positive contribution to our world.  Peter Milligan – Business Psychologist

The Mole and The Mountain evokes the wonder and power of storytelling with beautiful illustrations that provides inspiration and wisdom to help us find our way through life’s challenges, particularly in times of crisis and uncertainty. This exquisitely written book empowers us to make our own choices and be a beacon of light, regardless of external circumstances.  Nikki J Owen

Jane has written a lovely parable. It is wise and charming, simple but profound, and like all archetypal tales reminded me of all that matters in our heroes’ journeys. Read it with your child and her brave Mole is bound to become a lifelong guide for your loved one (and yourself!). As in, “What would Mole do?” Really loved it.  Dan Andersson 

I can imagine reading “The Mole and The Mountain” out loud to grandchildren, and then listening to their observations of the animals and their words and behaviours. A neat, simple allegorical journey discovering meaning, purpose and freedom along the way.  Dr Jon Rogers

In this simple but lovely tale of “The Mole and The Mountain” Jane Gunn has captured the essence of what it takes to carve your own path through life, overcoming challenges, persisting in the face of setbacks and achieving great outcomes. Great lessons for us all here!  Jeremy Stunt – Executive Coach

This little gem of a book may be short but it is very, very sweet. It will provide the reader with moments of quiet reflection that we all need in our busy lives. Moments to empathise with Maurice and to understand if you yourself are on the right path, and if necessary, how to get back on it to continue your desired journey.  David Howell – Author of “Speak Up, Listen Down”

Jane’s voice is ever more important amidst the growing global, and regional, escalation and conflict today. The world is not bereft of knowledge about the processes and mechanisms that underpin dispute resolution. What the world more importantly needs at this pivotal moment are ‘ReSolutionaries’ (another of Jane’s coinage) drivers of the process – after all a dispute resolution is as good as its driver(s).”  Lateef Yusuff – dual qualified lawyer in Nigeria and the Bar of England and Wales

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The Mole and The MountainThe Mole and the Mountain by Jane Gunn

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