The Great Covid Panic


With gripping narrative and fortified by rigorous scientific discourse, Barron’s provocative book offers essential reading for anyone touched by the tumultuous era of the Covid “pandemic.” Prepare for a journey through controversy, fuelled by anecdotes and underpinned by hard-hitting truths, as Barron fearlessly challenges the prevailing narrative surrounding one of history’s most significant crises.

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In the aftermath of the Covid-19 “global pandemic,” the world grapples with its enduring repercussions. Four years on, the scars of unprecedented lockdown measures are starkly visible. Businesses lay shattered, economies reel from irreversible damage, and healthcare systems strain under the weight of overwhelming challenges. As nations drown in a sea of debt, scrutiny intensifies on the once-heralded solutions: experimental mRNA vaccines.

In a daring exploration, former NHS Hospital Doctor, Colin M Barron, raises contentious queries about the necessity of stringent regulations and the very existence of a global viral pandemic. Delving into a trove of compelling evidence, Barron challenges the effectiveness of lockdowns, masks, and social distancing measures, suggesting they may have inflicted more harm than good. Furthermore, he confronts the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines head-on.

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