Anti-Radiation Phone Pouch – BlocSock X Large


The BlocSock Phone Pouch is an effective tool for shielding from smartphone radiation, reducing Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by 96% and providing protection against electromagnetic fields.

The pouch has shielding on one side only* – this is the side that should be positioned between your body and your phone screen (as per instructions), whether you’re carrying the phone on you or holding it to your head. The unshielded side enables the phone to work as usual.

Size: 17 x 10 cm

* Please note that these are NOT Faraday cases for phones which cut out the signal. The BlocSocks are designed to protect the user, while allowing the phone to function normally.

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Instructions for Use – Anti-Radiation Phone Pouch – BlocSock X Large

You can carry the phone in the MAIN pouch when switched off.

Always keep phones at least three feet away from your body when switched on and not in use.

To make or receive a call:

  1. Remove the phone from the MAIN pouch, connect.
  2. Place the phone in the KANGAROO pouch with the phone face directed toward the MAIN pouch (thus placing the microwave shielding material between your head and the phone).

Engage in short conversations, keep all wireless communication to an absolute minimum.


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Anti-Radiation Phone Pouch – BlocSock X LargeAnti-Radiation Phone Pouch – BlocSock X Large
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