Anti-Radiation Earphones


These innovative anti-radiation earphones from iBrain are a fantastic option for people who value superior sound quality and healthier technology.

The air tubes and EMF-blocking advanced copper wiring in their design mean that the sound is delivered to the ear through sound waves in the air as opposed to wires in traditional earphones, which massively reduces the EMFs travelling through the earphones to the ear.

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Anti-Radiation Earphones

Please note:

  1. EMFs are emitted to around the level of the heart at which point the air tubes take over. To protect your heart and body from the EMFs, pair the earphones with a EMF-shielding top.
  2. Most modern phones do not have a compatible port for the 3.5mm jack. You may need to buy an adapter to fit either Lightning (iPhone) or USB-C (Android) ports. It is important that the adapter is genuine, otherwise connection is made via Bluetooth – this may only apply to Apple phones.
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Anti-Radiation Earphones
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